9 Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits You Must Look!

Along with the recumbent bike benefits, in this article we will cover different aspects related to these exercise bikes. They are comfortable and easy to use and are beneficial for rehabilitation, muscle tone, and increased range of motion. Along with the pros of recumbent bikes, we’ve also covered some cons, so be sure to read the full article.

What is a Recumbent Bike?

A traditional stationary bike has to stand upright with the pedals below you and your center of gravity. However, in the case of a recumbent bike it has pedals in front of you for stable cycling. Recumbent bikes activate the lower body, improve endurance, circulation and mood. With a large backrest seat and forward-facing pedals, the sitting position on a recumbent bike is different from a normal stationary bike. Its low ground clearance design makes it different from other conventional exercise bikes. A recumbent bike benefits your joints since it keeps you in a seated position and takes stress off your body, especially your joints.

8 Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits | Advantages of Recumbent Bike

Recumbent bikes are most commonly used in rehabilitation programs for people that have physical disabilities or chronic pain. Some athletes even use them to complement their training. All the benefits discussed in this blog are backed by scientific research and tell you what to look out for. Now let’s discuss the advantages of recumbent bikes.

1) Balance & Safety

Recumbent bike is considered more safe when compared to other exercise bikes. Training on recumbent protects you from injury during your workout because it does not stress your joints, lower back or hips. This means that exercising for rehabilitation or the elderly can stay safe while improving their strength.

On other exercise bikes you have to keep your balance and sometimes if your conditions are tough you can lose your balance and fall. However, this does not apply to recumbent bikes, they are considered safe because the risk of falling is minimal. Hence, when it comes to maintaining balance and safety, these bikes are generally considered a safer option than traditional bikes. They have a lower center of gravity and are less likely to tip over, ultimately reducing the risk of falling and other injuries.

2) Improves Muscle Strength

Exercising on a recumbent bike helps in building muscle strength, shape your lower body. Thus, recumbent bike benefits in improving muscles. Many other studies also claim that recumbent bikes improve lower body strength and functionality. By pedaling against resistance, you are essentially forcing your muscles to work harder than they would during daily activities. It also reduces joint pain so you can train more consistently, which can lead to increased muscle strength over time.

3) Improves Cardiovascular Health

Cycling is the ultimate form of cardiovascular exercise, and recumbent cycling gives you a great workout option. Cycling not only trains your legs, but also strengthens your core muscles, as your upper body must be kept in the correct position during the exercise.

Using a recumbent bike is good for cardiovascular health, especially for heart health, it makes your heart stronger. Doing things right also improves your breathing, lowers your resting heart rate, and maintains the blood pressure. Hence, aerobic exercise or cycling keeps your heart healthy. Many studies have shown, exercising on a recumbent bike is good for both your heart and muscles.

4) Improved Range Of Motion

When you use a recumbent bike, you engage the muscles in your legs, hips and lower back. This movement helps relax tight muscles, which will improve your range of motion. When you pedal on a bike, your blood circulates faster, so your tissue becomes more elastic. This elasticity is translated as flexibility or ease of movement. Regular use of an exercise bike helps in improving your posture thus, improving your overall range of motion.

Having good posture has several advantages, when you have good posture, you are less likely to develop muscle imbalances or joint stiffness. This is why many physical therapists recommend including recumbent bikes in various rehabilitation programs along with manual therapy. You’ll be able to move more, lift the chair faster and reach for the remote when your pup falls back asleep on your lap. Thus, recumbent bike benefits in improving your flexibility and general functionality. The advantage of a recumbent bike for circulation and flexibility means it can relieve symptoms of arthritis or hip pain.

5) Burns Calories or Weight Loss

Like other exercise bikes, riding a recumbent bike helps you lose weight if you lower the bar. A recumbent bike can be a useful weight loss tool because it provides a low-impact cardiovascular workout that can burn calories and boost your metabolism. You can expect to burn about 150 calories for every 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise. However, these numbers depend on your current weight, age and training intensity. Young and heavy people who pedal harder burn more calories than little older people who cycle less.

6) Improves Endurance

When you use an exercise bike regularly, you will likely find that your endurance improves over time. This means you can drive longer without feeling tired. With the improvement in endurance levels, you can also try extensive workout as well.

7) Comfortable & Low Effort Exercise

Another recumbent exercise bike benefit is that it is much more comfortable than other exercise bikes. They offer a reclined position that keeps your upper body comfortable and only activates the lower body while burning calories. On recumbent bikes, you won’t feel tailbone pain even after an hour of intense training. Enjoying your workout is essential if you want to keep your motivation levels up.

So, if you don’t want high-intensity exercise then a recumbent bike is ideal for you. If you prefer to keep things low, either due to mobility issues or just stuck, a comfortable bike will speed things up. While cycling, you can also do other activities. For example, many exercise bikes have screens so you can watch a good TV program or you can simply read a book while staying fit.

8) Improves Overall Brain Function

Recumbent bike benefit in improving overall brain functionality. It increases your brain’s oxygen consumption to do your work better, making you happy and functional. The brain will then regulate your hormones and overall organ activity to reduce stress and stabilize your mood. You will even sleep better and wake up more rested. Also, if the brain is full and satisfied, you will say goodbye to that brain fog or feeling full head. So, you can become more productive, improve your relationships and enjoy life more.

9) Wide Range of Features

Most recumbent bikes on the market have many programs and options to customize your workout. For example, you can change the resistance or intensity settings to suit your fitness level or simply your mood during the day. Some models also have virtual training, so you can pedal on international routes.

You can also connect your bike to certain apps to track your stats and progress. This means you can adapt and expand your bike training whenever you want. Some coaches even encourage their athletes to use these bikes. This is good to know because you can share this recumbent bike with other members of your family. Fortunately, you can customize your bike to suit your fitness level, goals and pre-existing conditions.

4 Recumbent Bike Drawbacks

In the above section we have discussed various recumbent exercise bike benefits. But this equipment too has some drawbacks. In this section we will discuss the 4 main disadvantages of exercising on these bikes. Choosing a recumbent bike comes with a certain set of risks because this type of bike is very comfortable. No doubt it is ideal for the elderly people or people with arthritis or osteochondrosis will appreciate the oversized chair and design.

Low weight bearing exercise

Recumbent bikes provide a low-impact workout. Therefore, sometimes they may not be as effective at building bone density or improving balance when compared to weight-bearing exercises like running or walking. This bike will take all the stress off your joints and bones. While this makes recumbent bikes safe, it also makes them the exact opposite of weight training exercises. And as you know, resistance exercise increases bone density to alleviate or prevent chronic problems like osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.

Low intense workout

When compared to other types of workouts like strength training, weight lifting, recumbent exercise bikes provide less intense workouts. If you are looking for a faster weight loss then it is not suitable for you. The calories you burn on a recumbent exercise is much lower when compared to spin bikes, upright bikes, or treadmills. In other words, you won’t lose much weight on a recumbent bike.

Limited Upper Body Workout

Recumbent exercise bikes are not ideal if you are looking for a complete body workout. They focus more on the lower body workout and don’t engage the muscles of your upper body much. This means that you will have to try other specific exercises that train your arms, lower back and abs according to your pre-existing conditions. So if you’re looking for a total body workout, you should involve other exercises along with a recumbent workout.

Less variety

Recumbent bikes don’t offer much variety and only provide one type of exercise. This can be a limitation if you are someone who gets bored easily. While some recumbent bikes may offer different levels of resistance or preset workouts, the basic pedaling motion can be repetitive over time.


In this article, we have discussed several recumbent bike benefits as well as some of the disadvantages. No doubt, these exercise bikes are comfortable and easy to use. They are beneficial for rehabilitation, muscle tone, and increased range of motion. However, recumbent bikes are not suitable for rapid weight loss and full body workout. However, you can find different models with an elastic band for training the upper body.

If you want to lose weight faster, make sure your recumbent bike can move faster and with more intensity. In the end, everyone praises the effect of aerobic exercise on heart health. However, not all aerobic exercise is beneficial for your heart. You should be aware that certain conditions require special attention before starting an exercise regimen. So, before trying any new fitness equipment it is always recommended to take advice from your doctor or fitness trainer.

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